Technological and Innovation Hubs by Areas of Research

Interactive map outlining areas of research conducted by humanitarian-focused Innovation labs as of January 2016. Thank you to Nikita Bhide for hub identification.

Activation: West Africa Ebola

Storyboard highlighting the work of CartONG, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, MapAction, Translators Without Borders, NetHope, GISCorps, Standby Task Force, PeaceGeeks, and Statistics Without Borders while supporting Ebola elimination.

Activation: Responding to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu

DHN members GISCorps, PeaceGeeks, Humanity Road, Standby Task Force, Open Street Maps and MapAction have worked this week to respond to a request from UN-OCHA to support disaster response in Cyclone-devastated Vanuatu.

Activation: UNHCR - Services Advisor App

PeaceGeeks has worked with UNHCR developed an app to support the 620,000+ Syrian refugees living in Jordan to help them get better access to information on critical services provided by over 60 humanitarian organizations in over 420 areas across Jordan.

Featured Member: 10 Years of Open Street Maps

OpenStreetMap marked its 10th anniversary in the fall of 2014. Their works has been quietly revolutionizing digital mapmaking ever since. Check it out here!

Digital Humanitarians: The Book

Patrick Meier is writing a book charting the sudden rise of Digital Humanitarians by sharing their remarkable, real-life stories, highlighting how their humanity coupled with innovative solutions is changing humanitarian response forever. Look for it spring 2015!

What we do

Real-time monitoring of mainstream and social media, rapid geo-location of event-data and infrastructure data, creation of live crisis maps for decision support, data development and cleaning, GIS and big data analysis, satellite imagery tagging and tracing and time-sensitive web-based research.

A Guide to Social Media Emergency Management Analytics

Humanity Road and Statistics Without Borders are pleased to announce the publication of a guide to help emergency managers understand social media analytics. Check it out!
Organizations working in this space can apply to become members. Find out how here.
When disaster strikes, humanitarian organizations can apply here to activate a DHN team to support response.
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Latest News

The Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) is a network of organizations that provide information-based response and relief services to communities affected by disaster events and formal response actors directly servicing these populations. Since it was founded in 2012, the DHN has provided crisis... (more)
Digital volunteers from the Digital Humanitarian Network have been working around the clock to provide targeted support to the residents of Vanuatu, and the humanitarian teams who are providing on-site support.  The DHN was activated by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian... (more)
The spreading of simple messages, in languages that local populations relate to, makes an enormous difference in managing the devastating Ebola outbreak.    Over the past months Translators without Borders has been working tirelessly to support efforts to reduce the information gap by... (more)