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Map Filter for Hurricane Matthew Haiti Response

Matched ReliefWeb maps to key decision maker questions and key datasets defined by the CDS / 72 hours needs assessment to ease the search for important information. Additional resources include an evaluation on types of datasets/maps shared, guidance for volunteer tagging, and developer blog post (technical how-to).

Map Filter for Ecuador earthquake

Matches ReliefWeb maps to key decision maker questions and key datasets defined by the Coordinated Data Scramble to ease the search for important information. To review the effectiveness of map sharing please see, Map Review: Ecuador.

Nepal Earthquake

On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Gokha, Nepal impacting the nearby capital of Kathmandu.  Digital teams primarily under the advice of local Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) supported the response. Please see the HNPW Nepal digital response PPT for more information about activities of DHN members. 

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Vanuatu (Cyclone Pam)

Cyclone Pam Activation Request (OCHA ROP 15 March):
1. Collection locations of injured people, infrastructure damage, interrupted water supply, damaged health facilities etc. (data and crisis map).
2. Search for tweets about the storm, identify pictures and videos of damage and flooding, locate, verify and categorise the content.
3. Collect operational information into a Google Doc that captures information such as Assessments, relevant documents, relevant maps, response activities, funding info, etc.

West Africa Ebola Response

The DHN Ebola Storyboard showcases some of the work DHN affiliated members have completed while working towards disease elimination. For more information regarding members current and/or past Ebola-related activities, please see the DHN Ebola Biography.

UNHCR App for Syrian Refugees

PeaceGeeks - in partnership with Affinity Bridge and Gnucooop - has developed the Services Advisor app to support the 620,000+ Syrian refugees living in Jordan so they can get better access to information on critical services provided by over 60 humanitarian organizations who collectively have locations (both fixed and mobile) in over 420 areas across Jordan. This app has been developed at the request of the UN High Commission for Refugees.  

World Humanitarian Summit (WHS)

We will need support with infographics, graphic design, animation, social media, general outreach. We would also love to showcase your members' uses of technology and share best practices. The overall goal is to improve the entire global humanitarian response system. 8-10 consultation meetings will take place in 2014 and culminating in May 2016 in Istanbul.

Super Typhoon Yolanda

In response to Typhoon Yolanda, the DHN Network has mobilized to support Palau and the Philippines. We have been contacted by United Nations Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs, the Philippines Red Cross to assist in providing information management support.

Uttarakhand Flood

On July 4th, the Digital Humanitarian Network received an activation request to support needs for the flood in Uttarakhand, India.   “Having worked with SEEDS India in the past, we contacted them at the onset of the floods to see how we could support their work” reported Helen Campbell with MapAction.   Due to the volume of need for identifying village data as well as organizations responding, we advised that it would be best if SEEDS India also requested activation of the DHN to support their work.  Their request was received, assessed and rapidly distr

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