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Founded in 2006, CartONG is a French non-governmental organization committed to furthering the use of geographic information tools to improve data gathering and analysis for emergency relief and development programmes around the world.
New technologies including mobile applications, GPS and satellite images can be used to bring together vital information about people's needs as never before. From determining the locations and health of people trapped under buildings after an earthquake, to tracking cholera cases in an urban slum, up-to-date and geographically specific information helps save lives and improves the lives of people in the community. To find out more about how geographic information is used around the world to improve people's lives, see this list of CartONG projects and services.
CartONG enables emergency relief and development organizations and local governments to manage their own existing data, integrate other data sources and then use that data to plan programmes and monitor progress and impact. In our work, we focus on listening closely to the needs of the community, as well as training local people. This ensures that projects are sustainable and tailored to the needs and priorities of the people we are seeking to assist.
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