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Decision-Maker's Needs


The Decision Makers Needs (DM-N) Community has a key focus of determining what digestible products and services are needed to give information that can be acted upon.  The Community wants to identify the general structure for decision making and makers as well as hierarchies for decision making.

If you would like to contact the group or get involved, please write to The group can also be accessed via  









[Big Data Guidance: English | Arabic]



Highlights from the community:

Guidance for Incorporating Big Data into Humanitarian Organizations (English Sept 2015) (Arabic transation 2018): This guidance is intended to assist information or data focal points in humanitarian organisations to understand the variety of, the categories of, and possible approaches to integrating big data into their organisations. 

Field-based Decision Makers Needs Workshop Report (May 2015): Workshop notes from the DM-N Community.  Supporting resources includes the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) follow-up report: Decision Makers Needs in Sudden Onset Emergencies.

Workshop on Field-Based Decision Makers' Information Needs in Sudden Onset Disasters (Oct 2013): This guidance outlines the information requirements field-based decision makers need, specifically highlighting the information Volunteer & Technical Communities can support.

Humanitarian Decision Makers Taxonomy (Sept 2013): This infographic shows the number and variety of humanitarian decision makers.  It is available in Full or A3 sizes.  Supporting resources include an online interactive version, comment-enabled version, single branch posters (e.g. NGOs), and the full dataset