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Google Crisis Response

When a disaster strikes, the Google Crisis Response team assesses the severity and scope of the disaster, and the relevance of our tools for the situation to determine whether and how to respond.  Our responses might include:

Resource pages: Web page with the most relevant emergency information and tools for a specific crisis. This might include contact information, news updates, donation links, and tools we launch for the crisis, Google Crisis Map or Google Person Finder. We’re most likely to launch pages for major global crises where we have unique content and authoritative information to share.

Person FinderWeb application to connect friends and loved ones following a disaster. We are most likely to launch Person Finder when there are large numbers of missing people and traditional communication lines are down.

Crisis MapOnline map that displays many types of geographic information, such as storm paths, shelter locations, and power outages from a variety of sources, including official and user-generated content. We’re most likely to launch a Crisis Map when we’re able to find high quality geographic content.


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