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Humanity Road

Our mission is to educate the public before, during and after disasters on how to survive, sustain and reunite with loved ones.  Humanity Road is a public charity that delivers disaster preparedness and response aid information to the global digital and mobile public, connecting those who need aid with those who can provide aid.

By request, the organization can be activated by aid agencies and local communities to provide surge support for mission-specific aid information.  As part of the activation process in sudden-onset disaster, the organization can ascertain emerging actionable information through monitoring mainstream and social media.

Providing aid information helps individuals survive, sustain, and reunite with each other and with their pets. Humanity Road strives to close the disaster communications gap through process improvement, collaboration, partnerships, education and training.

Core Skills: 
Monitoring social media during disaster, identifying actionable information and routing urgent needs to those who can provide aid, project management, time-sensitive web-based research for disaster response, micro-tasking which includes media monitoring and data collection for aid providers on mission specific criteria, training staff and volunteers in the use of social media for emergency managers, providing the public with onsite support for community command center Internet hotspots, virtual or in situ coordination, training and collaboration for crisis mapping and social media exercises including simulating the crowd.
Workflow Inputs: 
Project specific requirements, mission specific data needs, output format requested.
Workflow Outputs: 
List of specific community and/or individual urgent needs, situational information, daily reports, real-time online updates, amplification of official social media messages in social media.
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