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Impact Evaluation

The Impact Evaluation Community is a project-focused community aimed at producing a general framework that could be used by any requesting organization or the volunteer-based entity to help determine if the crowd's work is providing value. 

Leaders: Jennifer Chan & Kenny Meesters

If you would like to contact the group or get involved, please write to  The group can also be accessed via  


Highlights from the community:

Impact Evaluation Framework: tracking trends in real time (Sept 2013): This document is intended to be a guide to evaluating impact during a collaboration between a formal humanitarian organization and the V&TC offering support. The report establishes a method and introduces a tool for measuring and tracking trends related to the six categories of indicators that should be considered during an impact, enabling both organizations to measure impact in real time and adjust the collaboration as needed.

Access evaluation tool (Sept 2013): Survey tool to support impact evaluation of Volunteer & Technical Communities.