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URISA’s GISCorps coordinates short term volunteer GIS services to underserved communities worldwide. Since its inception in October 2003, the Corps has attracted +/- 3,200 volunteers from over 95 countries. To date, GISCorps has deployed 474 volunteers to 138 missions in 50 countries. These volunteers have contributed over 15,000 working hours in disaster and non disaster response missions including in the United States, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Core Skills: 
Capacity Building (GIS training & technical workshops), GIS Needs Assessment & Strategic Planning, Building/Designing/Cleansing spatial & non-spatial database, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis & Modelling, Geo-coding, Web based & non web based GIS Application development, Geo Spatial Data Quality Control
Workflow Inputs: 
Request for volunteers comes to a core committee of seven members via an online request form.
Workflow Outputs: 
A Committee of seven evaluates the request, develops a job description, looks for qualified volunteers, assesses the outcome at the end.
Phone Number: 
(847) 824-6300
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