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Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company from Kenya, that in just five years has catalyzed an industry, democratized tools for giving people a voice, and changed a region. Beyond leading a movement in crisismapping through mobile phones and the internet, and revolutionizing an industry of data-use to solve problems, Ushahidi built the iHub in Nairobi, creating a new model for innovation and tech startups in the region and changed the perspective about where innovation comes from. Ushahidi’s core platform for data collection and changing the way information flows is now used in 159 countries around the world, has been translated into 35 languages and has been deployed over 50,000 times. As a tech company that has gone global but grown from African roots, Ushahidi is a catalyst; creating new tools, taking on challenges, questioning norms, and building communities where none existed before. Most use technology to define the function. Ushahidi uses function to drive the technology.

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