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The Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) is a network of organizations that provide information-based response and relief services to communities affected by disaster events and formal response actors directly servicing these populations. Since it was founded in 2012, the DHN has provided crisis... (more)
Digital volunteers from the Digital Humanitarian Network have been working around the clock to provide targeted support to the residents of Vanuatu, and the humanitarian teams who are providing on-site support.  The DHN was activated by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian... (more)
The spreading of simple messages, in languages that local populations relate to, makes an enormous difference in managing the devastating Ebola outbreak.    Over the past months Translators without Borders has been working tirelessly to support efforts to reduce the information gap by... (more)
Witnessing the sheer volume of information emerging from disaster may be a bit like listening to the cacophony of a symphony rehearsal with all of the noise of so many different instruments. But to the members of the Digital Humanitarian Network, this free flow of information before, during and... (more)