History & Today

As the ability for people around the world to help disaster victims was enabled by modern technologies, several new types of groups and organizations began to form. However, many of the formal, traditional organizations were not sure how to access and collaborate with this capacity. So, in 2012, the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) was created to raise the awareness of these new organizations, provide a 'connecting service', and develop guidance on how to work together

Over the years, several activiation requests were supported. But, as both organization types matured, the need for the DHN has diminised (as originally expected). Formal organizations have added information management and digital capacity. New organizations have  stabilized and formed lasting partnerships. And, new services have emerged with funding such as the H2H network and FEMA Crowdsourcing.

Although we no longer have formal activation or DHN teams, we can still help connect formal humanitarian organizations with the new digitally-enabled groups. As well, we will continue to publish occasional papers related to new technologies and trends.


Inquiries can be made to contact@digitalhumanitarians.com.