Guidance on Common Operational Datasets (CODs): Report includes compiled resources for future Common Operational Dataset (CODs) activations.

Hurricane Matthew (Haiti) After Action Report: Report includes review of digital coordination, products and processes used, feedback, and recommendations.

  Libyan 2017 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO): Report highlights the methodology and results from leveraging volunteer capacity for a short-duration Secondary Data Review, including supporting resources.

Ecuador Earthquake After Action Report: This was not a DHN activation, however it was an opportunity to further document best practices in digital response. Report includes background, digital coordination, products & outcomes, as well as recommendations.

After Action report from the Nepal Coordinator:  This report highlights lessons learned over the past six months while serving as the Digital Humanitarian Coordinator, specifically highlighting recommendations, DHC outcomes, and strengths/weaknesses of current response procedure.

  • Humanity Road's After Action Report for the Nepal Earthquake: Humanity Road’s (HR’s) overall disaster response activities began on April 25th and ended on June 12th. In addition to producing general daily situation reports and conducting social media monitoring and amplification, HR was activated for five mission-specific projects.

DHN Activation for Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu After Action Report: The report includes information on the activation, participating DHN members and activities, resulting products with feedback, and lessons learned.   

After Action report from the West Africa Ebola DHN Coordinator: This report highlights lessons learned over the past six months while serving as DHN Ebola Coordinator, specifically highlighting experience with extended digital response, health activation, as well as serving as the first full-time remote coordinator.