Code of Conduct, often referred to as a Code of Ethics, is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual, party or organization. A Code of Conduct formalizes a number of acting principles and “minimum” standards: a body publishing its own Code of conduct commits itself to conform to these standards and expects the same from the individuals composing it and representing it.

A number of DHN members have drafted their own Codes, which often overlap in their principles. New and existing DHN members are strongly encouraged to develop their own individual Codes of Conduct which they would abide to and which would apply to their respective pools of volunteers, in the aim of reflecting the ethical values and the professional standards upheld by the DHN as a whole.

Codes produced by existing DHN members :

Such codes are suggestive examples of how Codes of Conducts might be formulated and may serve as a starting point for new DHN members to establish their own Code.

Further examples of Codes of Conduct established within international humanitarian response bodies include: