Guidance materials for the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN)

Collaborating with Volunteer & Technical Communities (English & Francais)

Learn about effectively working with Volunteer & Technical Communities
Audience: Formal Humanitarian Organizations

DHN Catalogue

Learn what digital humanitarians can do
Audience: Formal Humanitarian Organizations

Collaborating with Formal Humanitarian Organizations (English & Francais)

Learn about effectively working with formal humanitarian communities
Audience: Volunteers & Technical Communities

Guidance for establishing a local Digital Response Network

Learn how to develop a local DHN in your community
Audience: Volunteers & Technical Communities 

Guidance related to the larger digital response community (Communities of Interest)

Communities of Interest (COI)

Learn how the DHN engages in the larger digital response ecosystem

Volunteer Management (VM)

Best practices, protocols and tools for volunteer management

Impact Evaluation (IE-F)

Learn to determine if and how the crowd's work is providing value. 

Research & Development:

Humanitarian R&D